Amnion… A haibun

I am fairly new to the practice of writing haibun, a blending of poetic prose with haiku or senryū, and I’m very pleased that the quality online haibun journal Drifting Sands has published this short haibun. While you are there do take a look around, there are some beautifully crafted pieces and the photography is very pleasing.


Video haiga… Shrunken World

I am really enjoying my experiments with video for poetry. As I’m an oldie, the most difficult part is dealing with technology. So this video haiga* is only the second video poem I ever submitted, and here it is being read by the lovely Patricia of Poetry Pea.

*Haiga is the bringing together of haiku or senryū with art work. The poem shoudn’t describe the art, and the art mustn’t be a direct interpretation of the poem but there should be a subtle resonance. I hope I achieved that.

Between a rock and a hard place…

Ekphrastic poetry is quite simply a poem that is written in response to a painting, photo, or 3D work of art. It is not merely a description of what’s depicted but it’s an idea that is generated by the picture.

This was my response to the photo prompt by Mariette McGregor, an accomplished haiku poet from Australia which was published in Haiku Dialogue at The Haiku Foundation.

from a germ
of an idea …
new growth  

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In Translation… a haiku

Today I am sharing one of my early contemporary haiku which was translated into Chinese by Chen-ou Liu for his great NeverEnding Story blog in 2016. This poem is a nod to a very well know poem, see Chen-ou’s comment following the poem to learn more.

Chen-ou is an excellent poet, editor and publisher of contemporary haiku and tanka. Do take the time to follow the link and take time to read his and other poets work.

English Original

two roads diverge
so many sitting
on the fence

Sonic Boom, 2, 2015

Karen Harvey

Chinese Translation (Traditional)


Chinese Translation (Simplified)


Contemporary Haiku

So it’s July already, the beginning of the second part of the year and I have been procrastinating for long enough. I have had quite a lot of poetry and some microfiction published over the years but I’ve never posted it all in one place, so I plan to start posting here regularly till I catch up.

Here is my haiku as it appeared in the excellent online bilingual journal Cryanthemum.

soaring higher
than her top note

steigt höher
als ihre höchste Note
die Nachtigall