Climbing… an Ekphrastic Poem.

An Ekphrastic Poem created in response to contemporary artwork…  Pending Tower by Walid Siti at the link below.

by Karen Harvey

How many people
Who yearned to rise the corporate ladder,
to live in the penthouse suite,
find the air rarefied once they get there,
unsettled, never quite settling in?

What they thought of as fashionable,
those clean sharp lines
and the monochrome decor,
turns out to be
cold and comfortless
under artificial light.

Long hours at work,
no time for relationships,
they find themselves alone
and lonely, stranded,
looking down
at the birds flying free.

Between a rock and a hard place…

Ekphrastic poetry is quite simply a poem that is written in response to a painting, photo, or 3D work of art. It is not merely a description of what’s depicted but it’s an idea that is generated by the picture.

This was my response to the photo prompt by Mariette McGregor, an accomplished haiku poet from Australia which was published in Haiku Dialogue at The Haiku Foundation.

from a germ
of an idea …
new growth  

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Free Verse by Karen Harvey

Water Baby

I saw you first
on the scan
baby swimmer,
two heartbeats,
yours faster than mine.

Mine skipped a beat
at the quickening of you,
when you flipped within me
whilst singing the songs
of the deep.

You came eagerly
running the bow wave.
I helped bring you
to the surface,
glistening, warm blooded,
at last, your skin
against mine.

I watched you
take your first breath,
a gasp, no two,
yours and mine,
brought you to my breast,
love at first sight.

Today we run
into the sea together,
dive in and surface laughing.
You, now fully grown,
our two heartbeats,
in time.

© Karen Harvey

Publication history:

Mothers Milk Books Writing Prize Anthology 2015 … find Pwllheli

Charlotte Digregario’s Poetry Blog 20th Sept, 2020