Free Verse by Karen Harvey

Water Baby

I saw you first
on the scan
baby swimmer,
two heartbeats,
yours faster than mine.

Mine skipped a beat
at the quickening of you,
when you flipped within me
whilst singing the songs
of the deep.

You came eagerly
running the bow wave.
I helped bring you
to the surface,
glistening, warm blooded,
at last, your skin
against mine.

I watched you
take your first breath,
a gasp, no two,
yours and mine,
brought you to my breast,
love at first sight.

Today we run
into the sea together,
dive in and surface laughing.
You, now fully grown,
our two heartbeats,
in time.

© Karen Harvey

Publication history:

Mothers Milk Books Writing Prize Anthology 2015 … find Pwllheli

Charlotte Digregario’s Poetry Blog 20th Sept, 2020

spring poem

  1. Here is my spring poem that was published by the lovely Lucia Fontana in her online journal ‘Incense Dreams,’ in English and it has been translated into Italian. Do take a look at her beautiful poetry films and leave a comment while you are there.

#103 A Senryū by Karen Harvey, April, 12th 2018

World Collage Day

Saturday 11th May 2019 is ‘World Collage Day’ and I will be hosting a public event at ‘The Crown Hotel,’ High Street, Pwllheli. To see further details, please go to this link…
I hope you can join us.

I am a haiku poet, poet, flash fiction writer and Writing for Wellbeing Practitioner.

I have lead a creative writing for wellbeing group in Pwllheli called Heli Writers since 2010. When I heard about World Collage Day last year I mentioned it to the group and we decided to have a cut and paste session which we playfully called ‘Sticku,’ just think haiku with glue. The name has stuck.

‘Painting with Words,’ workshop

Festival Poster
An invitation to my  ‘Painting with Words’ creative writing workshop this Wednesday (28th) at the Indoor Market, Cardiff Road, Pwllheli at 2pm. Never written before? No problem, new and experienced writers are welcome to come play with words. £10 – soft drinks included.

Note: We will have the whole place to ourselves. This venue is wheelchair accessible and has a disabled toilet.

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